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Vending Machines International develops vending software solutions that provide beverage companies the opportunity to remove plastic packaging from their product portfolio.

Data Cloud

VMI, Revolutionising how we hydrate.


State of the art vending software solutions.

Maintenance & Sanitization

  • Servicing notifications

  • Diagnostic reporting

  • Remote access for real time troubleshooting

Website and App integration

  • Loyalty database application

  • Customer registration

  • Reward promotions and refill quantities

Sales and Marketing

  • Fully integrated sales tracking

  • Third party application

  • User management

  • Inventory tracking

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Understand Your
Users Better

Our cloud-based software enables you to monitor customer usage, hydration and distribution.

Integrated CRM system connecting users to loyalty programs.

A user-friendly backend dashboard of information for your marketing team to speak directly to your customer.

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Our current dispensing solutions, featuring our proprietary customer and system monitoring software.
Customisable for Air to Water
Mineralisation of water
Flavour banks
Bottle vending capabilities


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Refill Kiosk



Who are we

Headquartered in Singapore and Australia with manufacturing across Australia and Thailand.

Managed by a team of focused professionals driven by the goal to reduce our plastics impact on the environment.

What we do

Over the last 4 years we have designed and manufactured a number of market proven dispensing options and a world class software system that can be applied to new and pre-existing designs. 


Our bespoke software solution is fully compatible with existing vending hardware and 100% customizable to suit any clients needs.

Our previous line of beverage solutions featured state of the art software and hardware configurations.



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Hydropoint Director

“VMI's dispensing software and hardware solutions has allowed us to establish and grow our network of smart water kiosks, while giving us important insights on our customer's interactions and preferences, in turn allowing us to increase the effectiveness of our service.”

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